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Environmental sustainability

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Environmental sustainability

Managing the impacts of environmental changes to create a sustainable future

Environmental Portfolio

Siemens - Environmental Portfolio We recognise the importance of protecting the natural environment and embrace our responsibility to help create an environmentally sustainable future. Our commitment and approach to environmental sustainability is outlined in our Environmental Sustainability Policy

Environmental Portfolio

Our Environmental Portfolio consists of exceptionally energy-efficient products and solutions, renewable energy systems and components and a range of environmental technologies. It is the largest environmental portfolio of any company in the world and already generates a quarter of our revenue. Our target is to increase Portfolio revenue to €25 billion in 2011.

Each year, we spend about €1 billion on environmental R&D and we currently hold around 14,000 patents for climate protection and environmental technologies.

The products and solutions in our Environmental Portfolio make a significant contribution to climate protection by helping our customers reduce their CO2 emissions. In 2009, we reduced our customers CO2 emissions by 210 million tons. Our goal by 2011 is to see our customers save 300 million tons of CO2 a year with our products and solutions - an amount equivalent to the total output of six major cities.

Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment is not just sound business practice and part of our duty as a good corporate citizen, but is also a key success factor for our company. At Siemens we fulfil our responsibilities in the area of environmental protection by ensuring that our products, systems and services and the operation of our locations meet high environmental standards. This can only be achieved through effective environmental management, which at Siemens dates back to 1971. The environmental management which we practice systematically all over the world operates at all levels of the company.



Ecological Footprint Management

Globally, an environmental reporting system is in place for all company locations that exceed certain thresholds for resource consumption and waste volumes. Siemens is operating a company-wide environmental program.

Across Australia and New Zealand we aim to measure company wide environmental performance, in the areas of paper use, water use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use, air travel and vehicle fleet. We are committed to continually reduce our environmental impact through a range of environmental initiatives and programmes.

Local Environmental Initiatives

Green buildings

Siemens intends to decrease the energy consumption of its own plants and building sites by approximately 20% by 2011. In order to achieve this, Siemens has in place a Green Building Initiative. This initiative involves optimising existing building in regards to energy and water consumption and waste volume and ensuring environmentally friendly new construction.

In October 2009 Siemens completed  a building tuning program at its Bayswater head office facility, using Siemens Energy Optimisation Service (EOS). Siemens Energy Engineers have developed advanced control routines that cut the energy use of the services in the building, without needing to replace any hardware. Typical payback periods for the EOS building are in the range of two years, however in the Bayswater facility it is less than one. This project will produce greenhouse gas savings of approximately 346 tonnes.

Green printing

A company-wide green printing initiative has been introduced to reduce the environmental impact associated with our office printing. The initiative involved defaulting all printers in Australia and New Zealand to print double-sided and in black and white. This initiative has reduced our paper usage by approximately 30% which saves over 350 trees per year.

The success of this initiative was recently recognised globally after being awarded the Siemens Environmental Award for Environmental Management and Environmental Social Commitment. Siemens Pacific Region was selected from 101 entries across 14 countries, judged by group independent scientists and Siemens experts.

To further save paper, all marketing and communications collateral is now printed on environmentally friendly Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. This means that the paper's pulp comes from sustainable forests that are specifically grown for the paper and wood industries. The chosen paper stock significantly reduces the amount of damage to virgin forests.

Rainwater harvesting

Two interconnected 48,000 litre tanks have been installed at Siemens Head Office in Bayswater Victoria. The rainwater is being captured from 1,400m² of roof space which has the potential yield of one million litres per year, or enough water to fill 25 residential swimming pools each year. Water tank fill levels and site water consumption is monitored via an online computer programme provided by Siemens associated company, 'us' Utility Services.

Energy sub metering

To better understand the energy usage of its Bayswater head office facility, Siemens is implementing sub metering of the buildings and systems. This project will help to identify the best opportunities for energy savings at the facility and where energy saving initiatives should be targeted. Once implemented, a total of fourteen Electricity and four Gas meters will be installed.

Employee environmental awareness

As a values-driven company, our goal is to raise awareness throughout the workforce of the importance of environmental and climate protection. This is why we incorporate GreenNews into our quarterly Siemens Pacific News employee newsletter. GreenNews bring employees information on environmental topics and issues, sustainable living tips and updates on Siemens environmental initiatives.




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