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The new range of valves and actuators for easy planning and simple installation

Acvatix™ valves and actuators stand out due to their high quality and very long service life. Their high reliability and fail safety ensure consistent plant availability.

Acvatix - the new comprehensive range for greater energy efficiency

AcvatixWith Acvatix you decide for a comprehensive range of valves and actuators that stand for maximum control accuracy, energy efficiency, and availability of HVAC and chiller systems. Whether you select valves with electrohydraulic actuators, with magnetic actuators, or combi valves - Acvatix significantly reduces energy consumption and thus operating costs.

The extensive product range offers you valves and actuators with a long service life that meet any control or hydraulic requirements, when it comes to the generation, distribution, and usage of heating or cooling energy. They are also ideally suited for district heating/cooling, steam, or drinking water applications as well as modernisations or renovations.

Acvatix combi valves - ease of use for planning, installation, and commissioning

Acvatix combi valves are control valves for central HVAC plants or room and zone applications. They are the ideal choice for perfectly balanced complex closed loops. With integrated pressure differential regulation, they ensure constant volumetric flow independent from pressure fluctuations.


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