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The pathway to a sustainable energy system

Siemens - EnergyHow will we generate the power we'll need in the future? This is a pressing question for many countries, even though the challenges vary. While the demand for electricity is soaring in the world's emerging markets, cost-efficiency and resource-efficiency are the primary concerns for countries like Australia & New Zealand. Our energy systems are also becoming much more complex: the linear energy-conversion chain of the past is evolving into a complex power matrix made up of many different producers and consumers.

A sustainable energy system capable of answering the global energy challenge must therefore provide a wide variety of specific solutions – one answer is not enough. Siemens, a driver in power technology for over 140 years, is the only company in the world that covers the entire power matrix with its own products, solutions, and services: from highly efficient fossil power generation technology and large­scale wind power plants, all the way to solutions for the efficient and responsible production and processing of oil and gas.

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