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Siemens answers are improving lives with advancements in diagnostics, therapy and healthcare IT so that more people can have a life that is longer, richer, and more filled with happiness.

Siemens - HealthcareSiemens offers cutting-edge healthcare technologies to aid in the early detection, diagnosis and prevention of diseases, resulting in improved healthcare for generations to come. From imaging, clinical information systems, workflow and patient management, consultancy services, laboratory diagnostics, cancer treatment systems and preventative maintenance, we are the first full-service, integrated diagnostics company in the world, leading the advancement of personalised healthcare.

With the population and average life spans increasing, optimal health will be the key to economic and social success in Australia and New Zealand. Combined with our continuous investment in global research and development, our progressive healthcare technologies is making Australia and New Zealand an even better place to live where optimal health is accessible to current and future generations.

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