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Innovation Forum

The Innovation Forum is an exciting, interactive gathering place for sharing knowledge and showcasing our areas of expertise in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Focusing on water, energy, environment, healthcare, productivity, mobility, safety and security, the Forum encourages innovative thinking through the dynamic exchange of ideas between business leaders, academics, and government.

It also inspires young people, students and the wider public to embrace technology and science. Our Australian and New Zealand businesses are creative "engine rooms" for some of the best solutions technology can offer. Our Innovation Forum demonstrates how we continually generate new ideas and better ways of tackling the challenges of a rapidly changing modern world.


Interaction the key for Innovation Forum visitors

Open Day

We opened our Innovation Forum to the public on Saturday August 25, 2007, as part of National Science Week. A number of interactive elements, including the "Random Idea Generator" ball game and the "City Simulation", have been very popular with all visitors and employees. The Innovation Forum is one way for us to collaborate across our businesses and with customers, industry and community groups to deliver our promise: innovation for generations.

If your business would like to visit the Siemens Innovation Forum to help us solve the challenges and identify the opportunities of tomorrow, please contact us.


Session Testimonials

"Having visited the Siemens Innovation Forum with 14 of my Innovation Champions, I have to say that the whole experience was really impressive. The technology was sexy, the stories told through the short videos left a real impact (and a very positive one), the messages were clear and reinforced throughout the whole experience - it's tremendously well designed."
- Catherine Handley, MYOB Limited Change Manager - Corporate Development.

"The Corporate Strategy team really enjoyed the Innovation Forum and we got great value from the morning. It was terrific for us to spend time away from the office as a team and to be immersed in innovation.  The various activities and discussions with the Siemens staff really highlighted the scope of the opportunities for innovation, from technologies to policies and procedures and also reinforced that to sustain innovation needs the supporting culture and business processes. The city simulation was also a great team building exercise."
- Dr Hamish Reid, South East Water Limited Manager Research and Technology.


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