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Intelligent Motor Control

Intelligent Motor Control

The SIRIUS range from Siemens provides comprehensive solutions for switching, protecting and starting low voltage AC motors. Combined with Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), Totally Integrated Power (TIP) and Safety Integrated, the SIRIUS product portfolio can be bundled to create optimised systems for total customer solutions.

The SIRIUS family also provides innovative controls with modern features, such as integrated communication and safety technology.



  • Contactors for switching motors up to 450KW - 3RT, 3TF, 3TG
  • Contactor assemblies for reversing and star-delta starting - 3RA13, 3RA14
  • Contactor relays - 3RH, 3TH
  • Coupling relays - 3TX7, 3RS18
  • Plug-in relays - LZS
  • Solid-state switching devices - 3RF
  • Systems: AS-Interface - 3RK, 3RG, ECOFAST Motor Starters - 3RK1
  • Motor Circuit Breakers - 3RV
  • Solid-state Overload Relays - 3RB
  • Thermal Overload Relays - 3RU
  • Softstarter - 3RW
  • Compact Starters - 3RA6
  • Communications capable (PROFIBUS/AS-Interface) starters - 3RK13, SIVACON MCU
  • Enclosed starters - 3RE
Monitoring and Control
  • SIMOCODE PRO Motor Management and Control Devices - 3UF7
  • Timing Relays - 3RP
  • Monitoring Relays - 3UG
  • Temperature Monitoring Relays - 3RS
  • Thermistor Relays - 3RN1
  • Safety Relays - 3TK28
  • Modular Safety System - 3RK3
  • Position Switches - 3SE, 3SF
  • Hinge Switches - 3SE
  • Magnetically operated switches - 3SE
Commanding and Signalling
  • Pushbuttons and indicator lights - 3SB
  • Cable-operated switches - 3SE
  • Foot switches - 3SE
  • Two-hand operating consoles - 3SB
  • Signalling Columns - 8WD


The SIRIUS low voltage motor control product range offers:

  • Optimised products that work together
  • Narrow mounting width
  • Uniform range of accessories
  • In-built diagnostics
  • PROFIBUS and AS-Interface communications capability


The SIRIUS low voltage motor control product range provides specific benefits, some of these include:

  • Reduced engineering and installation costs through the reduction of variants
  • Flexible configuration
  • Fast and reliable field busses
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased productivity

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