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Picture the Future of Australia

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How can we tackle the challenges of climate change, demographic change, urbanisation and globalisation?


Picture the Future is a unique and comprehensive research project that identifies opportunities through technology.

In Australia, our pressing issues of water, energy, environment, healthcare, productivity, mobility, safety and security all stem from four global megatrends – climate change, demographic change, urbanisation and globalisation.

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Picture the Future is a research project dedicated to finding the best solutions that are currently available today to tackle these issues. We look into the future to see what kind of world we want to live in. Then, we work backwards to see how we can bring these big ideas to life, through technology.

We explore the opportunities of technology to help us create our ideal vision for 2030 – one with water availability, sustainable energy, preventative healthcare and a competitive advantage through productivity. We call this our technology blueprint; a clear and realistic plan for achieving our 2030 vision.


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