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There is no better time than now for sustainability

For us, sustainability means acting responsibly on behalf of future generations to achieve economic, environmental and social progress. As an integrated technology company, we promote the sustainable development of our customers and our own organisation in Australia and New Zealand. With sustainability as the cornerstone of our values, we work to make Australia and New Zealand a better place.

Siemens - Sustainability

Participants in the G20 summit in April 2009 identified sustainability as a major focus of business activity and called for a balance among three key areas - environmental concerns, economic issues and social responsibility.

Just as our predecessors at Siemens shaped industrial development with their pioneering achievements, we're now answering the toughest questions of our time with our leading-edge products and solutions - ensuring a better, more sustainable future for all.

Dimensions of Sustainability

The three dimensions of sustainability - economic, social and environmental - govern all of our activities.


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